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10 Adventure Date Ideas For Every Outdoorsy Couple

February 2, 2017


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner again. While we are sure you already have an awesome night planned for your significant other, some of us struggle a bit to come up with that awesome plan that will blow their mind.

Check out these 10 date ideas for the adventurous and outdoorsy couple that are perfect spur of the moment dates:

011. Rocking Climbing or Indoor Bouldering
Test out your rock climbing skills by heading to your local indoor climbing gym or if you want to go super out there, book a guide and head out to your local outdoor climbing spot. Don’t have gear? No problem.  Most gyms rent everything you need right there.


022. Geocaching
If you aren’t familiar with Geocaching, check out what this giant treasure hunt is really about! Research around your area and see if there are any geocaching community groups on Facebook or online communities to get you started. The biggest online community is Geocaching.com. Pick a geocache that you want to hunt, get the coordinates, and spend your night together hunting for hidden treasure!


033. Picnic
We know, basic right? But, who doesn’t love food? Plan a picnic in a unique location that your significant other will remember forever. Maybe a dock or pier? In a field watching the sunset? Up in a treehouse or even hike to the top of a mountain and have a picnic with a view! We promise, your efforts won’t go unnoticed when your significant other finds out you packed a delicious meal and picked the perfect location that you felt they would love!


044. Archery Lessons
Most places have a local shooting range that you can take archery lessons. Call em up and book a lesson for the both of you! Not only are you both learning something new together, but we hear teaching someone archery can get you up close and personal.


055. Bike Ride
Pack up your bikes, or rent some, and head out to a trail and enjoy a fun bike ride together. Pack a picnic basket and stop somewhere along the way and enjoy a delicious meal together. Tandem bike ride anyone? Whether you are taking a ride around the block or heading out to your favorite bike trail, you both will love spending the time together outdoors.


066. Pile Tons of Blankets/Pillows in the Back of Your Truck
This seems to be all the rage recently. Pile all the pillows and blankets that you can find into the back of your truck and head out to an open field or a cliff. Park and get snuggly in the back and star gaze the night away. Pack dinner with some delicious wine and your significant other will probably love you forever! For all the backpackers and campers out there, zip two of your sleeping bags together and snuggle up together in pure joy.


077. Horseback Riding
Check out any local clubs that do trail rides, or take your own horses out in the backwoods and go for a romantic trail ride through the wilderness together. You are not only bonding with nature and your horse, but you both should be laughing and bonding together as well.


088. Rent a Treehouse
Lately, tree houses are all the rage. See if there are any nearby and rent it out for a night to remember. Whether is a luxurious treehouse or a basic hut in a tree, you can spend the night together up high. Watch the sunset while eating dinner with your legs hanging over the edge. End the night by staying up late listening to the sounds of nature and talking to each other. Here are Airbnb’s top 20 tree houses to rent in the US!


099. Ropes Course or Zip-Lining
We’ve all watched the movies where the guy takes his date to an adventure park and the adrenaline bonds you two together and it’s a night they will always remember.  Try hitting up a ropes course or zip lining together. These adventurous locations take you high up in the trees and get you talking strategic plans. You’ll have so much fun, you will never want to do the typical dinner and movie date ever again.


1010. Chalk the Walk at a Park
This one is perfect for those couples that can’t get away from their kids.  Head out to your driveway, local park, anywhere really and bring some chalk along. Spend time together drawing each other or whatever your heart desires.

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