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4 Really Strange Places to Camp

January 13, 2017

I thought I had camped in some pretty strange spots until I did a little research. The great thing about camping though is, no matter where you go, there’s always somewhere even more interesting waiting for you.

skyThe Skylodge | Sacred Valley, Peru
This is one strange spot offered by adventure/travel company Natura Vive. While it’s not really camping in a tent, it’s not in a hotel either. First you climb about 400 meters, then there are just three rooms up there. They are actually pods made of aerospace aluminum and weather resistant polycarbonate. Hopefully they are fall resistant as well, as they are anchored right into the side of a cliff which rises practically straight up from Peru’s Sacred Valley.

The views are spectacular both up and down, and they sometimes refer to it as a million star hotel. The transparent pods measure 24 feet long and 8 feet high and wide. They come with 4 beds, a dining area and a semi-private bathroom all for around $390 per person a night. The bathroom is called semi-private because, although you are 400 meters up a cliff, the pod is, you know, transparent. There are 7 zip-lines you can use to get down which makes it a whole lot easier to check out than in.

raftCamping Rafts | Belgium and the Netherlands
Bring your own sleeping bag and cookware but leave the tent at home if you’re camping on a camping raft. You can choose any one of the four locations in the Netherlands or Belgium through Campfires and barbeques are not allowed as one of the worst things that can happen on a boat or raft is a fire. Their site mentions that getting to and from the raft is by Canadian canoes. While I honestly have no idea why a Canadian canoe is any different from an American one, it still gets you there. The rafts are 25 square meters with a wooden hut of 12.5 meters. A two person package in the high season for three nights runs about 211,50 Euros. I know that looks funny but that’s how they wrote it so I’m going with it.

oasisOasis Camping | Egypt
You can bring out your inner Lawrence of Arabia by camping in the hot, arid climate of the Egyptian desert with Desert in Style. They offer luxury camps in tents at three different oases called Farafra, Kharga and Dakhla. All three are in an area called the New Valley and are all anywhere from 550-650 km from Cairo. You will sleep in a 30 sq. meter tent with electricity, two beds, a private bath, and a shower with hot and cold running water. The cold water will be especially appreciated here. Rates are available on request and they offer camping trips along with cultural and adventure tours for those of you who prefer a hotel (probably with AC) at night.

arcticArctic Camping | Antarctica
Now that you’ve burned up in the desert you might want to head south, way south as a matter of fact. Quark Expeditions can set you up to spend a night in what is definitely the coldest and driest spot on Earth. You first get there on the Sea Spirit, a 112-passenger ship that you will miss dearly during that night on land. Instead of tents, you sleep in bivouac sacks that zip up above your head because, well, it’s cold out there. You can’t really bring any food or drink since nothing can be left behind.

Speaking of behinds, you’re not even supposed to go to the bathroom except in emergencies which doesn’t make much sense to me, because anytime I have to go, it’s an emergency. They will bring a portable potty from the ship in an extreme case; how embarrassing must that be? I tell you, camping at the bottom of the world sure has a lot of rules. The folks at Quark offer all sorts of packages to the Antarctic and the prices start at steep and end at “If you have to ask…”

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