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5 Fun Campfire Games for Families and Friends

August 31, 2016
campfire games
campfire games


At the end of the day, gather round the campfire to enjoy some old fashioned fun and games with family and friends! These five easy and fun games require little to no preparation and can be enjoyed by all ages.

Perfect for large groups, this game combines charades with an extra level of difficulty. You will need a container of sorts, pens, a timer and several strips of paper. The game consists of three rounds, with each building on the other. Have every player write down a word, name or phrase on the slip of paper and place them all in one bowl. Split your group into two teams.

In round one, someone from the first team will be given one minute to try and get his/her teammates to guess what is written on the pieces of paper. The catch is that they cannot use any motions or say the word/phrase itself. For example, if the phrase is “chocolate chip ice cream,” you could say “a cookie-flavored dessert.” If the team guesses correctly, set the paper aside. If they cannot guess correctly, the team can “pass” and the paper goes back into the bowl. When the timer goes off, the team counts up their correct guesses (each equaling one point) and the teams switch. When all the papers have been guessed, return them to the bowl and move on to round two.

In the second round, things get a little trickier. Play as before, but players can only use one word to help their team guess what is on the paper. So if the paper says “chocolate chip ice cream,” the player could say “dessert.”

In the final round, players cannot use any words or sounds, but they must use motions to get their team to guess the word or phrase. At the end of all three rounds, add up each team’s points to determine the winner!

This aptly named game gets even funnier with more people, and it calls for nothing more than some pens and several strips of paper (enough for each person, double or triple if you want to play several rounds).

Pass out a slip of paper to each player and have him or her write down their “name,” which can be any word, name or phrase such as “Potato” or “Abe Lincoln.” Have everyone drop their paper into a container and choose one person to read them all aloud. Then each person will get one turn to guess who corresponds to which name. If they guess wrong, the next player gets their turn. If they guess correctly, the person whose name they guessed joins their “family” and they work together to guess another player’s name. The group with the largest family at the end of the game wins!

DIY Mad Libs
Involve everyone in telling stories around the campfire and make your own Mad Lib campfire stories! You can find templates online or write your own. Just write out a story, omitting nouns, verbs and adjectives in each sentence, and then let everyone take turns filling in the blanks. You can write your story about your day’s adventures, a hilarious tale from a former camping trip, or make it a ghost story. When all the blanks gave been filled, read your story out loud and let the spooks and laughs ensue!

S’mores Building Competition
Get ready to make a delicious mess! Get a vinyl tablecloth for the picnic table (and plenty of napkins for later). Split campers into teams and provide them with graham crackers, chocolate bars, marshmallows, and roasting sticks, then set a time and say go! Each team must compete to build the most creative s’mores masterpiece—maybe a log cabin, or a famous landmark. When the time is up, the judge will decide who wins the construction round, then each team gets to race to see who can eat their gooey creation the fastest.

Glow Ring Toss
This fun and easy game is best enjoyed after dark. Purchase several glow stick necklaces (or bracelets for a real challenge), enough for each person. At your campsite, pick an object to toss the rings at; a tent stake works nicely. Once the sun goes down, activate the glow sticks and see who can score the most points. Be careful to not throw them into the campfire!

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