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5 Tips for Heating Your Campsite Safely

February 6, 2017

camp-heatFinding a safe way to heat your campsite is one of the most important parts of survival in the Great Outdoors, especially when the winter months arrive. Simply lighting a fire on the ground and letting it roll is a recipe for disaster, so here are some tips for keeping yourself warm without burning down the woods while you sleep.

Use a Heater
If you don’t trust yourself to keep a campfire under control, the best option might be remove flames from the equation completely. A propane heater is a great way to keep your campsite warm without having to worry about errant sparks igniting the forest. Just place the heater on a solid surface, like a table, so that it doesn’t come into contact with dry leaves or other flammable objects and you can feel cozy for hours on end.

Use a Metal Fire Pit
Rather than creating your own campfire you can always opt to use a pre-made fire pit. These are typically made of a metal like iron and are a great way to keep your fire from spreading. They’re a little on the bulky side and can be a pain to carry on a long hike, but they’re great if you plan on parking near your campsite for the night and only have to lug it a short distance.

Dig a Hole
Digging a hole in the ground is a much safer alternative to simply throwing some sticks on the ground and building a flame. That’s because a hole is more likely to prevent the spread of the flames into the surrounding area, especially if you build up the edges of the hole with rocks or bricks to encapsulate the fire. You’ll have create added protection from the elements and won’t have to worry as much about the wind blowing out your flames.

Use a Fire Stick
Unless you’re a boy scout or your parents took you on camping excursions when you were a child, you’re probably not an expert at building your own campfire with a stick and some rocks quite yet. That’s OK; modern technology has made the task so simple anyone can do it in seconds. A fire stick will give you the power you need to instantly create a fire to help keep your family warm, and using it will probably be safer than toying with sparks in the long run.

Keep Candles Outside Your Tent
Candles are a great way to bring light and a bit of warmth to your campsite while also keeping bugs at bay. What they’re not great for is lightning up the inside of your tent at night. Having an open flame in a small, enclosed space like a tent is just asking for trouble; as soon you accidentally knock that candle over with your foot your blankets could go up in a blaze. Keep any candles you might have outside of your tent and always remember to blow them out completely before calling it a night.

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