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6 NFL Road Trips to Help You Cope with the End of the Season

February 10, 2017

The football season is over and the Patriots are the Super Bowl champs. Suffering from football withdrawals? We understand. But if you take your tailgating on the road this spring, you can get your fix with a visit to one of these iconic places in gridiron history.

Pro Football Hall of Fame, Canton, OH
Since its 1920 founding, the NFL has transformed from a ragtag collection of factory workers moonlighting as football players to the dazzling spectacle we know and love today. The Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio—pro football’s birthplace—gives scope to that history. Check out busts of each HOF player in the league’s history (the Chicago Bears top the list with 32 inductees) and feast your eyes on the fascinating paraphernalia of the league’s 96 years.

Lambeau Field, Green Bay, WI
The hallowed turf of the Green Bay Packers is a favorite among players and fans alike. The stadium has been renovated to accommodate new technology and better game viewing, but even amid the modern upgrades, the 60-year history of this field remains palpable.

Even a springtime visit is likely to be snowy, but no matter: just pretend you’re attending the Ice Bowl!

Chappell’s Sports Bar, Kansas City, MO
Lamar Hunt, the first owner of the Kansas City Chiefs was the architect of the American Football League, which merged with the National League in the 1960s to create the football behemoth that dominates modern professional sports, putting KC solidly on the football map.

The city’s extraordinary barbecue puts it solidly on the culinary map.

Combine these two crowd-pleasing elements and what do you get? Chappell’s. A place where you can dine in the presence of unique sports memorabilia. It’s the perfect place for a pit stop after you’ve finished touring Arrowhead.

AT&T Stadium, Dallas, TX
Everything is bigger in Texas, and the Dallas Cowboys’ home stadium is no exception. Completed in 2009, the enormous complex seats 80,000 fans, boasts the world’s 24th-largest HD video screen, and contains multiple plush luxury boxes. It also features some fantastic contemporary art.

Tours are offered on days when the field isn’t in use and range from a self-guided wander to a guided VIP experience. So grab the old pig skin and get ready to throw a few down on the field.

Levi’s Stadium, San Francisco, CA
If you get the chance view a game at the 49ers’ denim-friendly stadium, take it. The newest and most high-tech home field in the NFL offers lightning-fast WiFi and lets you use an app on your phone to order a hot dog straight from your seat.

If you can’t get game tickets, you can still tour the facility.

CenturyLink Field, Seattle, WA
This is where 12th Man operates as the league’s most infamously top-decibel cheering squad. Seattle Loves its Seahawks, and you can tour the stadium to get caught up in the excitement.

If attending a game, you can help Hawks fans in their contest for loudest cheer on record. The honor has shifted between Kansas City and Seattle in recent years.

If you want to use this list as a starting place, you could make it in about 64 hours nonstop—pretty decent for a couple weeks’ worth of a laid back road trip. If this isn’t enough to get your NFL fix, feel free to add in as many other stops as you want along the way!

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