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6 Tips for Planning a Romantic Rustic Valentine’s Campout

February 13, 2017


Fancy dinners are nice, and red roses are classic, but if you’re looking for a unique way to create Valentine’s Day memories, what about a good rustic camping trip with your special someone? Set the mood with these easy tips.

Go by Yourselves
While it might seem obvious that spending time alone together is important to the health of your relationship, it can be easy to get swept up in the need to connect socially with family and friends. While camping in groups is a great way to bond your whole crew, this one is about the bond between you and your love. Leave the kids with the grandparents and forgo the urge to share the trip with other couples. Giving yourselves a little distraction-free time to focus on each other exclusively will make your nature adventure truly swoon-worthy.

Set the Mood with a Hike
Nothing connects a couple quite like being together in nature. Search the trails around your camp for romantic vistas, secluded waterfalls, and flower-strewn meadows. Take the time to exchange thoughts and feelings about the scenery. Recite a little poetry on a high outcropping. It’s easy to feel swept away when surrounded by wild beauty, so let your inner-romantic shine!

Take Sunset Selfies
The golden hour is the time of day when our skin looks its glowing best. It’s also—maybe not coincidentally—one of the most romantic times of day. Commemorate your campout by snapping some photos of you and your sweetie as the sun sinks lower. Whether you opt for silly or snuggly, you’ll have a priceless souvenir of your getaway.

Make the Meal Special
The idea of creating a four-star meal at the campsite might seem intimidating, but with a little forethought, fine dining is totally doable. You can prepare many sides ahead of time (especially those that are meant to be served chilled). Whether a salad full of seasonal vegetables or a platter of stuffed and marinated mushrooms, focus on fresh ingredients. Grill a couple of high quality steaks or herbed and seasoned chicken breasts for your main course. And for desert? What about an easy chocolate fondue?

Ensure a Good Night’s Sleep
On a normal campout, you’re probably a no-frills packer. But if you’re sleeping in an old, beat-up sleeping bag on a disintegrating foam pad or skimping on comfortable chairs and camp accessories, it’s time for an upgrade. After all, it’s nearly impossible to sustain the mood when your back is aching or you’re freezing all night.

Do Something Unexpected
Memories are made when you abandon routine. Being outdoors provides plenty of opportunities for adventure and spontaneity. Your location will determine your options, but choosing to share a new experience with your Valentine is a great way to foster closeness and love. Whether it’s a guided horseback trail ride or a moonlit marriage proposal, make this your most unforgettable camping trip ever.

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