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6 Types of Camping You Need to Try at Least Once

June 30, 2017


Camping is an incredibly diverse activity with endless locations, styles and sleeping systems to be tried. While some types of camping (mountains vs. desert, for example) just come down to personal preference, these six varieties of roughing it should be part of every adventurer’s life goals. Even if you try them only once, don’t forget about these six important camping types.

Solo Survival Mode
Leave the plushy accessories at home and say goodbye to your loved ones. It’s time to test yourself against the elements. Everyone deserves the opportunity to meet mother nature on the closest terms possible—minimal comforts and only the essentials. For a hardcore wilderness lover, this might be your preferred manner of communing with nature. But even those who usually create a more homey experience for their expeditions need to feel the rush of independence at least once in their lives.

Mentor Style
Whether you’re a parent, family member or volunteer counselor, everybody should get at least one chance to be the expert guide for a group of youngsters. Be an introduction to the joys of the outdoors for a generation that’s more accustomed to email spam than camp recipe spam. It’s an incredible way to strengthen your bond and improve kids’ self-esteem and peace of mind.

Super Luxe
Sometimes you want all the trappings of the good life and the rugged beauty of the wild all at once. Give glamping a shot. Don’t worry, you needn’t abandon your more rough-and-ready preparations on every trip. But give luxury a chance just once. From shockingly comfortable accommodations to staff on hand for your every whim, there are lots of options for a pampered camping experience. Fish all day and let the chef prepare your catch while you relax with a glass of wine. What’s not to like?

Wild Adventure Seeker
Sleep dangling from a cliff side. Pitch your tent in arctic conditions. Find shelter in a bat-filled cave, get your adrenaline pumping. Find that intersection between curiosity and trepidation, and you’ve uncovered your next adventure destination. If you’re hesitant to go it alone—and in many wilder locales, you should always have a buddy—seek a guided tour or the company of other seasoned adventurers to enjoy the event with you.

Spontaneous Nature Lover
As a true outdoorsperson, you’ve got some gear packed in your car for last-minute trips: emergency seeping bag, first aid kit, pre-packaged food stash, and shelter. Sometimes you just need to escape. Immediately. Without notice. Take advantage of your supplies and hit the road. There’s an unmatched thrill in retreating to nature at the spur of the moment.

Romantic Couples Getaway
The great thing is, you can make your campout romantic no matter which style you’re pursuing. Climbing mountains together and roughing it, or relaxing in a luxury tent, a flask, some deodorant—any trip is romantic as long as you’ve got the one you love by your side.

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