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7 Reasons to Get Away From it All

November 10, 2017

solitudeSometimes you just have to get away from it all: be it the woods, the beach or the mountains. Getting away may mean different things to different people but the main idea is to flee your everyday life.

We’re too Connected
With the advent of wireless technology, it seems we are connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There once was a time, believe it or not, when we were on our own once we left the job. In today’s connected world the job follows us everywhere we go. There was also a time when everyone rejoiced that we may someday work from home. Little did we realize then that we would learn to regret that possibility.

We Don’t Have Much Time
Americans get less vacation than a lot of other workers. While many European companies offer up to 6 weeks of vacation a year, most Americans not only get less, they take less than entitled. In a recent study by Oxford Economics they found that U.S workers are using only 77 percent of their paid time off; what is wrong with these people? Estimates range from 8 to 10 days of paid leave for the average American which doesn’t leave a lot of time for getting away. Amazingly, a whopping 23 percent of Americans have no paid leave at all. That helps explain why all our favorite camping spots are full on weekends

We Work too Much
“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” is a proverb that first popped up in James Howell’s Proverbs in English, Italian, French and Spanish in the year 1659. Now I have no idea who Jack was, or why he was working so much but I imagine he stands for all of us.  I don’t know how tough things were in 1659 but in this day and age, according to a recent Gallup poll, American adults work an average of 47 hours per week. I think most of us would agree, after 47 hours of work, we’re ready for a camp-fire, some solitude, or at least a little peace and quiet.

It’s Noisy Out There
Urban life is loud enough what with: sirens, car horns and other traffic related nuisances. Now we have car stereos that rival stadium sound systems driving right past you, while you probably have earbuds on with your playlist cranking away. TVs have sound bars and surround sound stereos so we can crank the news full blast while, if you’re like me, you have a neighbor whose leaf blower has the same decibel level and frequency of a jet engine. We are surrounded by noise now more than ever, making that quick getaway more necessary than ever.

It’s Getting a Bit Crowded Around Here
I live in Colorado and they say approximately 8-10 thousand people a month move to our state. I’m not sure who “They” are, and by that I mean the ones moving in and the ones counting them, but it explains my need to get away. Unfortunately, these new residents are not moving into the parts of the state I would like them to move into. We have plenty of open space in the western deserts and eastern plains but no, they want to live right next to me. That means that now, though I have to go farther away to get away, it is imperative that I do.

It’s Crazy Out There
This is not a news flash but people are nuts out there. You can blame it on politics, TV, movies, video games or as I do, Rap music but the fact is, things are getting worse. People are on edge more than ever which makes me want to run away. There is the problem of some of these crazy people following us out of town but if you get far enough away, they can’t find you.

For Your Own Good
Getting away from it all is good for the soul and body. Not only do our bodies require rest but our minds do too as well. The quiet of the woods, the gentle crashing of the waves or the cool breezes of the mountains are therapeutic.  In the hustle and bustle of today’s world  where every facet of our lives needs charging, we sometimes tend to forget to recharge ourselves.

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