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Best Camp Toys for Outdoor Fun and Camping

August 4, 2017


Camp Toys for Outdoor Fun
Just having trees, mountains, rivers and wildlife around isn’t always enough, especially for our kids. Especially when family camping, it’s not a bad idea to provide additional stimulation. And by that we mean non-electronic stimulation.

Toys for Tots?
Camp toys can be fun for everyone and can run the gamut from outdoor play to things to do in the tent during that inevitable afternoon squall. There may be plenty of fishing and hiking to do, but what about when you’re sitting around the campsite? Attention spans are much shorter these days, and if you’re one of those parents who uses the term “these days,” then you know what that means! Our kids are easily bored and toys are essential to ensuring a good time and enthusiasm for future outings.

Old School
We’ve carried a Frisbee in the car for years and though this is an old school toy, it seems to be hip again. Disc golf, which is golf with a Frisbee, is still sweeping the nation with disc golf courses popping up right and left. The great thing about Frisbees is you can play with them anytime and anywhere, as long as you have a little space. There are no batteries required and you actually get exercise, some more than others, depending on your ability to throw.

Older School
Another camp toy we always bring along is a kite. All you need is a little room away from the trees and a slight breeze and you’re in business. Kites are cheap and you can grab one, along with some string, for just a few bucks. Of course you can get fancy with them, but why? Remember too that you are camping, so if that tree eats your kite, get it down Charlie Brown and don’t leave it hanging there.

Go Panning
If camping in the mountains and near a stream, why not go old timer and try to make a few bucks panning for gold. Panning used to be a way of life up in the hills, but now has become a fun hobby for many folks. If you want to get panning supplies and also get instructions on how to get started, go to for everything you need to launch that new career. Okay, maybe you’re not ready to give up the old nine to five but panning for gold is fun to do just for well, the fun of it. If you really want to go for it, Stansport has sifter pans, axes and even a youth panning kit with everything junior needs to go native.

Keep it Simple
A deck of cards, a chess/checkerboard set or a backgammon board all come in handy during the inevitable rainstorm. When you pack into the tent, games are the best way to kill time, besides that always appreciated afternoon nap. Unless you’re the type of family that naps together though, we advise you bring any of these games to keep everyone occupied until the rain stops. A deck of cards fits into anything but backgammon, chess and checkers boards are small and easily packed in too.

Get Wet
If you are camping near a lake or reservoir, make sure you bring the toys. There is nothing worse than being next to a lake and not being able to get on the water. You don’t have to invest in a boat and trailer when a raft or inner-tube will do. The problem is: where do you get an inner-tube these days? Well as luck would have it, offers swim float tubes along with 2, 3, or 4 person rafts.

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