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Camping for Christmas: 6 Reasons why it’s a Good Idea

December 12, 2016
christmas camping
christmas camping


I bet you never thought about going camping for Christmas before. Neither had I until I came up with these 6 great reasons to go. It’s not that I’m too cheap to buy presents nor am I trying to avoid the family or anything. Okay, that’s a big yes on both accounts.

No In-Laws
Now I love all my in-laws and I’m sure you do, too. I have heard of some people though who don’t quite care for that idiot brother-in-law or that incessantly nagging mother-law who never did get over the fact that I married her daughter. Well, that’s not me of course—but if you do have a hard time dealing with a sister-in-law who will never, ever, ever shut her trap about how bad life is to her, and I’m not naming names, then camping might be a great idea. The holiday season is stressful enough so why not give me, I mean yourself, a break and head to the nearest wilderness area?

Nobody Else Thought of it Either
There is nobody there and that is always a good thing. The whole idea of camping is to get away from it all and away from everybody too right? Well, you’ll certainly get your wish on this camping trip. There will be no noise, no people staying up too late singing Kumbaya around their campfire and nobody hooting and hollering at all hours of the night. That is, unless you’re the one staying up late, hooting and hollering and singing Kumbaya at all hours of the night. If that’s the case, then I want to camp with you.

Pick a Spot, Any Spot
Okay, not just any spot as a lot of campgrounds are closed in the winter months, but depending on where you are, you may be okay. While campgrounds down south may be open, up here in the hills you’ll have to find a spot in the National Forests. This is called dispersed camping and it is really the way to go as long as you don’t mind pooping in the woods. This might be a good time to ask Santa for that portable toilet that you’ve had your eye on all this time. What, you haven’t had your eye on a portable toilet? After pooping in the snow, you will.

Think of the Money You’ll Save
Just think: if you don’t buy any presents, you’ll save a ton of dough. I don’t mean to sound like a Scrooge or anything, but if you do get to feeling guilty, everybody gets a pinecone. That’s right: we’re going green this year. You can spend all the money you saved on food, firewood, batteries, and socks. Yes, you’ll need lots and lots of socks because it will be colder than…well it will be cold. You’ll want beer of course, too—but think of the money you’ll save on ice.

Depending on how early you go, one of the great things about Christmas camping is not having to watch The Miracle on 34th Street for the 14th time, White Christmas for the 37th time, or struggling to make it through the 3 ½ hours (seven with commercials) of It’s a Wonderful Life for the 457th time. That is, unless you enjoy all of those flicks or you are my wife reading this, in which case, I love them all too, dear.

You Got the Gear
If you ask the Fat Man—and I’m talking Santa Claus, not me—to come a little early, maybe you’ll get some new gear to use on your trip. You could whip out all your new Stansport gear like sleeping bags, shelters, tents, and stoves to impress everybody. If you really want to be the big man on campus, or just camp as it may be, whip out that new Stansport Heater and watch everybody warm up to you. And remember don’t let anybody say you’re just being cheap or nobody gets any pinecones either.

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