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Essential Camping Gear for Your Furry Friend

November 9, 2016


What’s the point in going camping if you can’t take your best friend along for the fun? If you love having your dog on the trail with you as much as we do then you’ll probably want to look into getting him the right gear for a good time. Here are a few things you should have on hand for your next camping trip with the pup.

A Sleeping Pad
If you’re not content to sleep on twigs and rocks what makes your thing your dog would be? Luckily, there are actually roll-up doggie beds you can easily pack along with the rest of your sleeping gear so he doesn’t have to lay out on the cold, hard ground. They’re just like sleeping pads for humans but smaller to fit your four-legged friend. If you plan on driving straight up to your campsite you could always opt to bring along his bed from home to use in the tent.

His Own Pack
If your dog is going to tag along it’s only right that he should at least try and carry his own weight. That’s where a saddle bag comes in handy! It straps right over his back with two compartments on each side to help distribute weight evenly. You can stash his bowl, treats and water in here to help keep your own pack a little lighter without putting too much strain on your pup. If you sneak your own water bottle in there we won’t judge.

Neon Vest
If you’re camping in the middle of hunting season you want to take extra precaution to keep your pet safe. Letting him run loose through the woods is a good way to have him mistaken for a critter, so slap a bright neon vest on him to make him stand out. Orange is the standard color for hunters but any extremely bright vest will do.

Dog Boots
While these might not be necessary in the summer, a pair of doggie boots will do wonders for keeping your friend warm when the snow starts to fall. A dog’s paws are extremely susceptible to cold and can collect ice between the toes if not properly cared for and cleaned. Trim the hairs there before heading out and slap on some boots to help keep his temperature steady, as dogs expel heat through their paws and mouth.

Collapsible Bowl
Don’t bother taking your dog’s bowl from home along with you on the trail; they’re bulky and difficult to clean when camping. Instead, opt for a collapsible bowl that’ll fit snugly into his back and weigh considerably less. Most are made of waterproof nylon material and double as both food and water bowls, but it’s good to always have a couple on hand to whip out in a pinch.

A Life Jacket
You might not be aware they make life jackets for dogs, but they do! Hopefully you’ll come across some water wherever you choose to camp so you can let your dog splash around and cool down. Help keep him safe by strapping on a life jacket and you won’t have to worry about him going in too deep.

Bright Toys
If your dog isn’t the type to stay content chasing sticks then try bringing along some extra toys from home. You’ll want to make sure they’re brightly colored so they don’t get lost in the woods, as well as durable so they don’t break easily. Stuff ‘em with some peanut butter to help your dog sniff them out.

A Poop Bag
It’s important to leave as little impact as possible when camping and that includes removing traces of your pet. Dog poop can actually wreak havoc on the environment by introducing the smell of strange animal, thus scaring off the ones that live there from their natural habitat. Bring along some baggies to pick up after your pooch and keep things copacetic.

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