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New Logo, Same Great Products

January 2, 2017

new-logo2017 represents an exciting year for Stansport. Not only is the brand approaching its 70th year, it also got to debut a brand new logo. We had the opportunity to chat with a few of the executive team at Stansport to get some insight into the new logo. Here are some insights from Vic Preisler, CEO; Jeremy Scharf, Sales Manager; John Espinoza, Art Director; and Brian Jablon, Executive Vice President. Here’s what they had to say.


Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the new logo?
Vic: We went back into our past history of almost 70 years of our brand and took inspiration from that to create a fresh new logo that will take us into the future.

Jeremy: Coming up with something that is fresh and exciting.  We feel that we have created a new logo that when people see it, they will think of Stansport, the outdoors, and fun!

John: We wanted a new mark that can become iconic and timeless. The new logo has a modern feel to it, but could fit right in 70 years ago and 70 years from now.

Brian: We wanted to inspire the accomplishment of being one of the only “Privately held family business” left in the camping marketplace still run by the founding family. We have always catered to the “Family Camping Market” and we wanted the new logo to be fun, recognizable, simple and basic, just like the experience you get when camping with your family.

Are there any messages, symbolisms or hidden meanings with the logo?
Vic: It symbolizes a tree and entices the consumer’s one on one interaction with the outdoor experience.

Jeremy: The tree is the main symbol in the new logo.  A tree can mean different things to different people, but the one constant is being outdoors.  We want people to know how important it is just get outside, put down the electronics and enjoy nature.

John: The pine tree is an iconic outdoor symbol that instantly transports the viewer to their favorite outdoor memories. Within the logo, there is also an acorn shape and the idea of a leaf, giving out more outdoor feelings.

The mark is also designed to resemble a thumbprint, allowing us to leave our print/mark the consumer’s experience, and a seal, allowing us to put our seal of approval on our products.

Brian: There are 4 connecting parts of the outer logo, signifying “land, water, air and family’, note there are no sharp corners, only rounded & blended sides. This is done to blend all of these elements into one. The simple “Tree” is the recognizable symbol of the great outdoors, and where you want to set up camp, for the shade and protection of the elements. Like a “swosh” or an apple with a bite missing, we hope to have the new logo become synonymous with Stansport and family camping.

How will this logo impact the products or the packaging?
Vic: This new logo along with our new packaging will strengthen our consumer relationship with our brand and the outdoors.

Jeremy: The logo will go along with our new packaging and we will have product/packaging on the shelf that speaks to our consumers, and all outdoor enthusiast.

John: The new logo will be joined with a packaging refresh that is more rustic, cozy, and reflective of family outdoor activities.

Brian: The new combined “mark/logo and packaging” are designed to make the consumer feel like getting out and going camping. The “Family” feel is warm and inviting and the new look was designed to inspire and also reflect on our almost 70-year heritage.

What can Stansport customers expect in 2017 and beyond?
Vic: Continued additions of quality camping products that make camping fun for the entire family.

Jeremy: That Stansport will continue to be there for them, for all of their camping and outdoor needs.

The customers can expect a ~70 year old company that will be more responsive to the current (and beyond) state of the outdoor industry and continue to integrate innovative ideas all while providing a classic camping experience (and as always, at a great price, too!)

Brian: We are consistently bringing to market, new and inspiring products that are value and quality oriented. We have recently added several new positions to our team, insuring we are “socially relevant and connected” to our core customer as well as to an entire new base we are trying to inspire to “get out and camp”. We have a team committed to making sure we continue to bring you compelling products – “from our family to yours”

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