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The Backcountry Enthusiast’s Holiday Gift Guide

December 8, 2016


They spent more time outside than inside. The moment they return from an adventure, they immediately start planning their next one. They need less stuff to survive a month in the wilderness than the average person requires for a weekend getaway.

If all of this sounds familiar, there is a good chance that you have a backcountry enthusiast in your life. If you need a little inspiration on what to treat them to this holiday season, you’ve come to the right place.

A Wilderness First Aid Kit
The backcountry enthusiast needs to be self-sustaining in an emergency situation, and a wilderness first aid kit is just the tool he or she needs to accomplish this.

Chances are good that the old first aid kit sitting in your backcountry-lover’s backpack has been picked apart over the years and has more than a few damaged or expired products inside. This year, treat him or her to a brand new, fully stocked wilderness first aid kit.

Looking to take this gift to the next level? Consider pairing it with a Wilderness First Aid course—either an introductory course for a newer adventurer, or a refresher course or a more advanced level for someone more experienced.

The Gift of Food
Backpacker’s food makes the perfect stocking stuffer: it’s small, lightweight, and no backcountry enthusiast ever has too much of it. The “just add water” variety is a favorite for outdoor adventurers.

To upgrade this gift from stocking stuffer to full-on under-the-tree-present, pair it with a Backpacker’s Mini Butane Stove and a food dehydrator, which will allow your loved one to channel his or her inner backcountry chef to create custom backpacker food. If you’re nice, you just might get to sample the fare!

A Custom Backcountry Survival Kit
Put some extra thought into assembling the perfect backcountry survival kit for your loved one, depending on his or her activity of choice. A few basics will cover the bases for most types of outdoor activities include an emergency signal mirror, a metal match box to keep matches bone dry no matter the conditions, and a headlamp—because you can never have too many headlamps!

Someone who’s into bush craft will surely appreciate a quality magnesium fire starting tool and a survival knife kit, while the canoe tripper or backpacker will find great use in practical items like biodegradable soap and some quality cord.

Cool Multipurpose Gadgets
When in the backcountry, less is more. Tools that can do more than one thing are the key to traveling smart and staying light. While it’s tempting to have a ton of stuff under the tree, you’re better off gifting fewer, but more practical presents.

An emergency camper’s multi-tool is a must-have: it’s essentially a knife, axe, hammer, saw, screwdriver, and hammer all-in-one. Small but mighty is the name of the game.

This folding multi-tool is another favorite for adventurers with an interest in the backcountry cooking scene. It features a knife, a fork, a spoon, a can opener, a hole punch, and even a corkscrew in one handy little tool.

This 5-in-1 survival whistle includes waterproof matches, a signal mirror, a flint fire starter, a compass, and, of course, a shrill signal whistle.

It’s sure to be a very happy holiday season for your favorite explorer—as long as they are on the Nice List!

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