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The People on Your List Who Need Camping Gear

December 15, 2016

camping-gearWe all know somebody who needs more camping gear. Heck, with all the gadgets available, we can never have enough, right? There are also those among us though who can’t even outfit their own camping trip. I know, amazing isn’t it? Here’s a short list of those you can help this holiday season.

The Kids
You know them, you love them, heck you should; you raised them. We know you raised them right, so why the heck do they keep borrowing your camping gear? It’s because they haven’t bought any and they’re not going to as long as they have your stuff to borrow. Well you know you’re going to get them presents each Christmas anyway, right? Why not kill the proverbial two birds with one stone and buy them their own camping gear. Now they can not only be proud owners of their own stuff, you can laugh later on when they complain about their own kids using all their gear.

The Relations
Why is it always the brother-in-law and not your own brother who gets on everyone’s nerves? I’m not sure why, but I don’t argue with nature. It seems though that it’s always the deadbeat brother-in-law who needs to borrow everything from your car and/or your money to your sleeping bags. Well, why not buy him his own sleeping bag so he can soil that one up next time he crashes at your place? Heck, buy him a tent and put him in the backyard instead of the basement next time he comes over for Christmas. Then the next time he loses his job, and you know there will be a next time; he has his own place to crash.

The Cheapo
There are some friends and family who will just never buy their own gear, no matter what. Short of never answering your phone or door, the only solution is to buy them their own gear. Just like with the kids, if you were going to buy presents anyway, why not help yourself too. Going this route gives you years of ideas as they will probably need everything and one look at Stansport.com will show you there is a lot to give.

The Slob
We all have the one friend who not only borrows stuff but never cleans it when or if he returns it. That’s a slight problem when he borrows my tools, and a major problem when it’s a sleeping bag, tent, or camp stove. The only thing worse than a musty, stinky sleeping bag is waiting until you’re at your camp spot to find the camp stove is caked with old, dried grease. There are some things I put a limit on lending, such as a camp toilets, but that list has grown to include sleeping bags, stoves and, come to think of it, everything else too.

The Novice
Now this is the only guy who has an excuse for not having any gear. He may be young and just starting out on his own, had folks who never camped, or maybe he’s one of those people we’ve all heard about who are from New York City. Whatever the reason, if he’s never been, he has no idea what he needs. Now would be a great time to be an outdoor gear salesman. As a friend you can guide him along, show him the ropes and talk him into all the gear you wish you had.

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