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What You’ll Need for the Perfect Camping Trip With the Guys

February 24, 2017


As much as we love our wives and girlfriends, sometime guys just need a little time with the boys to kick back and cut loose. Where better to have a little bro time than the Great Outdoors? The guys-only camping trip is a rich tradition and should be embraced at least once a year. If you’re going to head out into the woods with your friends, here’s what you’re going to need for a good time.

Your OWN Tent
One of the great things about having a guys’ night out in the woods is that you get to enjoy a good night’s rest to yourself. No pillow-hogging lady forcing you to the side of the bed or kids hopping between you in the middle of the night and taking up room. Now’s your opportunity to have a little peace and quiet once you settle in, so throw down a little cash for your own tent. Sleeping back to back in cramped quarters with a bunch of friends isn’t quite the vacation you were hoping for. So make sure you have your own tent.

A Grill
Forget about cooking weenies over the campfire; this isn’t a boy scout trip. Y’all are going to want to eat some real food to go along with your beer, so bring along a grill so you can effortlessly cook some steaks. Heck, you could even throw a couple of brats and some bourbon chicken on there if you feel like; throw a competition to see who can be the campsite grill master.

Trekking Poles
There’s no point in heading out in the wild if you’re just going to sit in one place. Take the opportunity to explore with your friends and do some hiking while you’re out there. Whether you’re hiking savvy or just getting older and want to protect your legs, there’s no shame in using a trekking pole to help aid your ascent. Bring a few along for the boys and you can spend hours out on the trail traveling between campsites for a few days at a time.

A Football
Sports are the metaphorical glue that binds men together. We crave the heat of competition they create but also desire a sense of unity, which is why we often find ourselves rooting for the same teams as those closest to us. Make sure to bring along a football or two on your trip to toss around with your buds. Heck, play an impromptu game if you feel up to it. If you’re not a fan of football, baseball or soccer works just as well. Even a Frisbee will do.

A Good Story
As much as guys like to pretend we don’t ever want to share our feelings, the truth is that every once in a while it feels good to let it all out. The guys-only camping trip is the perfect time to connect with your buds and catch up on what y’all have been busy during the busy year. Don’t be the guy who goes on the trip and never has anything to say. Think up so good, or even bad, things that have happened recently you haven’t told and share it with your friends. Build those bonds while you can.

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