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Why a Camping Nap is the Best Nap Ever

October 13, 2016
©istockphoto/Lilyana Vynogradova

©istockphoto/Lilyana Vynogradova

Some people look forward to the hiking when camping. Some look forward to the fishing or boating and still others may intend to climb a mountain or two. I on the other hand, have my plans as well.

Napping Isn’t for Everyone
Some people are too, what’s the word? Motivated? There’s always that one guy who has to go, go, go; I‘m not that guy. As a matter of fact, I don’t even hang out with that guy. They call them Type A personalities and I think we all know what the “A” stands for.

Camping is a Workout
Camping is a lot of work. Not only do I spend the previous days running all over town (okay, driving all over town) picking up the supplies we need to camp like food, batteries, bug spray, lantern fuel, and beer, but then I have to pack the car. Now this may not sound like much to you, but you have obviously never camped with The Wife. She brings everything but the kitchen sink and she’d bring that too if it wasn’t attached to the wall. Then, after loading it all up and heading to the hills, it’s time to unload it and put it all together. I tell you, by this point, I’m worn out and ready for a nap.

Location, Location, Location
A smart camper, and especially any serious camping napper, will tell you to place that tent where the afternoon shade will hit it. While The Wife is thinking about protection from the morning sun, I’m thinking afternoon shade. Heck, in the morning, I’ll be getting up early to pee anyway and once I’m up, well, everybody’s up; or at least that’s what The Wife says. That just makes the afternoon shade all the more important. See, there’s more to this than you think.

Bear With Me
We camp in bear country a lot and though we haven’t had any encounters with Yogi, Smokey, or even Winnie the Pooh, we have heard the noises at night. In all honesty they were probably chipmunks scurrying around that one night, but I stayed awake with my axe in hand just in case. The great thing about afternoon naps is I’m not really worried about bears coming into camp in the afternoon. I have a feeling any self-respecting bear is napping as well. Plus, it’s what you can’t see at night (okay, they definitely were chipmunks) that scares you more than what you can see in the daytime.

Timing is Everything
Once the shade hits that tent, it’s time to start thinking about going down. When the tent vents are open, the breeze is cooling off and the scent of pine is in the air, well, I’m getting all teary eyed just thinking about it.

We usually get out and go hiking, fishing, or 4-wheeling early in the day so after two in the afternoon or so, things are winding down and so am I. There’s not much to do and if you time it right, what little there is left to do, someone else will do it. Now I’m giving away trade secrets here, so no one show this to The Wife.

It’s My Therapy
There’s no phone to ring and no email, twitter, or SportsCenter on ESPN to check up on. No salesman is going to ring the bell, ignoring the #$&@#$& “No Soliciting” sticker on the door, and trying to sell me siding, windows, a new roof, a security alarm, a new sprinkler system, or some candy bars for the school band. Okay, where was I? As you can tell, I really need that nap.

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